What We Provide

consultingDo you struggle with resolving difficult issues? Is your team stuck in conflict or your community disengaged?   When people argue, they stop communicating, losing sight of common interests and goals. We help you assess, diagnose, and improve communication patterns so that you can move forward.

coachingTrying to break old habits or build new skills? Need help planning for a difficult meeting?  A coach can help! We coach individuals and teams in improving communication and problem solving skills, and we provide training and coaching for facilitators.  You can schedule a single session or sign up for packages of 3 or 5 sessions at a flat rate.


Need help working through an issue or a difficult conversation? We will help you plan an agenda, choose a workable process, facilitate the discussion, summarize and provide recommendations for ongoing dialogue.  

Past engagements include assisting with:

  • Large group stakeholder discussions on policy issues
  • Visioning and other community discussions
  • Partnership discussions on succession
  • Board meetings
  • Congregational meetings
  • Leadership teams
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Our clients include individuals, government entities, schools, business teams, nonprofit organizations, congregations, and community groups. We use a range of diagnostic tools that can help you move forward.  These include the “Whole Brain Thinking ®” platform developed by Herrmann International. These tools provide both data and the analytical framework needed for sound assessment and to track ongoing improvements.

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